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VACCINATION AT GUNPOINT 3 doctors and famed citizen lobbyist Janine Hansen give the real reasons for vaccination using bio-terrorism as an excuse. The model Emergency Health Powers act that is being introduced in all state legislatures has its agenda exposed in detail. The doctors review the history of vaccines, what they contain and the detrimental effects many have already sustained from their use. See this one before you get any more vaccinations for you or your children. One hour - $5 (including postage in US or outside US add $3) [ ORDER ]  "VACC AT GUNPOINT"  (full list of LJFA videos)
VACCINATION LIBERATION * Ingri Cassel * P.O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869-0457 *  * Vaccination Liberation is part of a national grassroots network dedicated to providing information on vaccinations not often made available to the public so that one can make the only informed choice, complete avoidance and refusal. •To reveal the myth that vaccines are necessary, safe and effective. Our mission is: To expand our awareness of alternatives in healthcare •To preserve our right to abstain •To repeal all compulsory vaccination laws nationwide. Start your state chapter here

VATICAN ASSASSINS!Author Eric Phelps gives his views and documentation/research on control of the Pope and world governments. Contains much "heavy-duty" information. One hour - $5 (including postage in US or outside US add $3) [ ORDER ]    "VATICAN ASSASSINS 1"  VATICAN ASSASSINS II - Eric Phelps discusses many more subjects of control and explains 14th amendment citizenship, how it evolved and what you can do about it for yourself. The real reasons and myths behind the War Between the States (Civil War) is also eloquently exposed One hour - $5 (including postage in US or outside US add $3) [ ORDER ]  "VATICAN ASSASSINS2"  Both programs on one DVD $10 (including postage in US or outside US add $3) [ ORDER ]  "VATICAN ASSASSINS 1 & 2"   (full list of LJFA videos)

VERITECH * Eric Phelps * P. O. Box 306 Newmanstown Pennsylvania 17073 * 610 589 9966 fax 610 589 9967 * * Exposing the political power of the Jesuit Order, including its assassination of President Kennedy and medical inquisition, in these United States of America.

THE VEIL - Many people know that something is wrong in America but can't quite pinpoint the problem. Roger Alan did it for us and produced his video "Peering Through The Veil". This video is the highlight of this program and is presented for your understanding. The complete video and a CD with supporting documents is available from Roger Alan at This is one program of vital importance to all Americans. One Hour $5 (including postage in US or outside US add $3) [ ORDER ]  "VEIL" (full list of LJFA videos)

VICTORY ENTERPRISES * 5200 SW 30th Street Davenport Iowa 52802 * 800.670.5716 * * Victory Enterprises has successfully assisted numerous Associations and Interest Groups across the Midwest with their political and membership activities.

VIRGINIA, HOME EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION OF  * 2248 G Dabney Road Richmond, Virginia 23230 * 804-278-9200 fax 804 288 6962 * * * Home Educators Association of Virginia has more than 2,000 web pages of Virginia homeschool information, resources, field-trip ideas, and more!
VIRUSES, VACCINATIONS AND HEALING - Author, Lecturer, Dr. Leonard Horowitz delivers passionate explanations of man-made viruses and reveals the connections between the Center For Disease and Pharmaceutical companies. Vaccines are also a major topic covered by Dr. Horowitz. Most times on this program, naming names, dates and places is approached with caution, however Dr. Horowitz was on a roll this night and Dennis simply let him go, as all the facts presented were fully documented. Dennis was arrested and held the following evening on trumped up charges on his way to a seminar featuring Dr. Horowitz. Don*t miss this one. One hour - $5 (including postage in US or outside US add $3) [ ORDER ]    "VIRUSES VACCINES"  (full list of LJFA videos)

VITAMIN RESEARCH PRODUCTS, INC. (VRP) * 4610 Arrowhead Drive Carson City, Nevada 89706 * 800 877 2442/775 884 1300 fax 800 877 3292/775 884 1331 * * * VRP is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality nutritional supplements designed under the direction of Dr. Ward Dean MD, VRP's director of research and development. VRP offers over 200 different products including vitamins, minerals, hormones and skin care designed to assist you in combating the aging process. Call now for your free catalog and newsletter subscription.

THE VOICE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE * Dr. Burton Goldberg has researched and documented alternative healing in many areas of American disease afflictions. After publishing 18 books and producing 3 dynamic videos he shares and illustrates the findings in his work in a manner that people can understand. A breath of fresh (clean) air is being sought by many stricken with debilitating diseases who find themselves suffering worse side effects from convention treatments. He eloquently presents the fact that doctors really do mean well but are kept ignorant of facts when it comes to treating the patient rather than the disease. He reinforces the statement of Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich that "There are no incurable diseases, only incurable patients."   Pure insight from Dr. Goldberg! An additional Q&A is was also taped after leaving the air and is presented on the DVD.  (Run Time 1 Hr 23 Min) $10 (including postage in US or outside US add $3) [ ORDER ]   "VOICE ALTERNATIVE MED"  (full list of LJFA videos)
VOICE OF LIBERTY - Brent Johnson, "Voice of Freedom" radio host and sovereignty researcher explains sovereignty and what it takes to be sovereign. Years of research have gone into Brent's presentation and whether or not anyone intends to pursue true independence from government, the information gained from this program is invaluable. An informal question and answer session is also included following the live program presentation. - One Hour+ $5 (including postage in US or outside US add $3) [ ORDER ]  "VOICE OF LIBERTY"  (full list of LJFA videos)

VOLUNTARYIST * P. O. Box 275 Gramling, South Carolina 29348 * * Voluntaryists are advocates of non-political, non-violent strategies to achieve a free society. We reject electoral politics, in theory and in practice, as incompatible with libertarian principles.

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